Engaging the Workforce with Seamless, Flexible Management Solutions

Modern workforces need modern solutions. For effective management, businesses must have access to sound data, digitally-driven functionality, reach features, and purpose-fit engineered solutions that are intelligent and intuitive. With this approach, not only will staff productivity and customer relationships improve, but the business will operate more efficiently, leading to optimised operations. To achieve this, creating a highly engaged workforce is paramount.

However, when considering Workforce Management Solutions and Labour Solutions in South Africa, there appears to be a marked gap in solutions for the middle-tier organisation. Having recognised this gap in the market, local solutions implementation services specialist, LabourGenie.Net, sought a partnership with a software provider that could successfully service these mid-tier needs.

“We have middle-tier clients that desperately need effective Workforce Management Solutions, but simply cannot find relevant and affordable software that suits the size and needs of their businesses,” says Dereck Sigamoney, Managing Director at LabourGenie.Net. “As a result, we scoured the globe for a solution that could work in Africa. After evaluating seven products, Synerion took the lead for its local geographic understanding of South African markets, rich features, and superior functionality.”

LabourGenie.net is now the South African reseller of the Canadian Synerion software. This partnership was formed to meet mid-tier needs, while offering the South African market four key benefits: creating a highly engaged workforce; helping customers to take action with their data; seamless integration with just about any other third party system; and flawless, flexible implementation.

According to Ndumiso Radebe, Technical Director at LabourGenie.Net; “these benefits resonate with LabourGenie.Net’s vision of enabling our customers to build a workforce of the future, today. It perfectly aligns with our mission statement: ‘every customer, every employee, engaged’. It also dovetails with our ethos of offering solutions, not just software. Synerion seeks solutions to optimise and improve customers’ business processes, rather than automating existing processes.”

One of the greatest challenges in tech, however, is adoption. Many costly implementations have offered no return because employees simply don’t engage with the software. Radebe believes that Synerion’s employee self-service module drives adoption and engagement through ease of use. It allows staff to request time off, clock in/out, make attendance changes (if allowed to do so), view their upcoming schedules, view their timesheets, request shift swaps and more – all via a mobile device, web-based platform, or on-site terminals.

From a data access perspective, the Synerion solution offers actionable data. The technology is designed to gather the intelligence customers need to make better business decisions, automate their processes to reduce errors, and start driving return on investment as soon as possible.

“The solution decimates massive amounts of data, highlighting items that require further attention and immediate action. It also integrates seamlessly with a variety of other third-party systems, ensuring a holistic view of essential data. It’s ‘implementation without the headache’ approach is extremely flexible, offering both Cloud (SaaS) and On-Premise deployments. Synerion’s cloud solution is supported by Microsoft’s Azure,” adds Radebe.

The goal is smart control of the workforce from absolutely anywhere. LabourGenie.net partnered with Synerion because this is what it offers – with a highly advanced mobile solution, designed for managers and employees. It also offers Tablet Synerion, allowing employees to clock in and out on their tablets.

“We have developed our expertise in workforce management over many years and have developed tried and tested execution strategies. Our winning approach is to deliver innovative solutions across a wide range of architectures, technologies, platforms, and devices. Synerion’s Workforce Management Solution aligns with our strong stance of delivering a solution driven approach to labour software, and we look forward to helping mid-tier customers excel, together,” concludes Radebe.

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