Workforce Management

Workforce management offers you an all-in-one solution to increase productivity and achieve a high-performance workforce. Our solutions allow you to create schedules, track employee time and attendance, calculate absence and leave while measuring your overall productivity. Workforce management helps you drive organisational growth through controlling the cost of labour, increasing productivity, minimising compliance risks, and engaging your workforce.

Our workforce management solutions track your workforce’s attendance and productivity while gathering data to effectively implement work and pay rules and manage exceptions for up-to-date labour compliance and cost control. Workforce management solutions simplify laborious tasks involved in monitoring your workforce’s time and attendance, labour tracking, and data collection. Our automated time and attendance tracking software help you control labour costs and compliance risks while boosting overall productivity and engagement.

Workforce scheduling offers you optimal labour coverage for every shift. We take the guesswork out of placing the right talent, in the right place, at the right time. Powered by AI, our automated workforce scheduling solutions ensure coverage for every shift. With our workforce management solutions, you can easily forecast your labour requirements and better predict your labour needs. Keep the costs of workforce absence low and productivity high. Streamline complex labour laws, helping you stay compliant while reducing time-intensive admin tasks.

Our automated absence management solutions help manage sick leave, vacation time, and complex leave laws. Streamline complex labour laws while staying compliant with industry standards and regulations. Reduce the impact of planned, incidental, or extended employee absence on your organisation. Without visibility into absence trends, managing cost, maintaining productivity, and staying complaint pose real challenges.

Our automation software provides real-time visibility and actionable data that allows you to improve labour activities and build a more accurate and complete view of your workforce. Workforce management solutions provide powerful and valuable insights that give you vital information to manage your workforce and optimise efficiencies.

With the aid of our workforce management software, boost the accuracy and efficiency of your data to improve productivity and lower costs. We give you the power of accurate workforce data, with people analytics tools, that provide valuable labour patterns, trends, and outliers. Our solutions provide leaders, executives and front-line managers with reliable data that will help them make more informed decisions. Identify problem areas and find root causes to take action swiftly and efficiently. With our robust reporting and analytical tools, managers can have better control over issues such as budgeting and turnover that affect the bottom line.

Human Capital Management

Human capital management gives you powerful tools to manage your modern workforce. Human capital management offers: HR, payroll, talent, and timekeeping, all in one solution. Our solutions reduce administrative risk, unreliable data, limited visibility, and inefficient processes to help in multiple facets of the HR process. Increase transparency while delivering real-time feedback. Give your employees the best experience, from their first day to their last.

Our automated solutions help manage, screen, track and hire the best candidates to improve your workforce. Automate your recruitment and staffing right from the application process. Our AI-driven solutions help find the quality talent necessary to compete in the complex workforce environment. Simplify and centralise your recruitment process for a streamlined and easy-to-use experience.

We deliver an effective and engaging employee onboarding process by creating experiences that allow for new workforce members to hit the ground running when first entering your organisation, all while maintaining accurate labour procedures and laws. Our solutions help maintain the engaging employee experience established during the recruitment process.

Streamline the HR process so you can concentrate on more strategic objectives. Human Capital solutions allow you to simplify and automate admin processes to provide self-service capabilities to your workforce. Improve productivity, engage employees, and control costs and compliance risks. Our solutions make information easy to access through single employee records and reduces errors by consistently implementing policies and labour laws.

Human capital solutions help control costs and compliance risks with an end-to-end payroll solution. Simplify your payroll process by eliminating errors and providing a best-in-class employee experience. Our automated, human capital solutions ensure compliance by creating perfect pay checks every time by managing tax, time, and pay in a single platform. Improve organisational decisions by gaining visibility and insight into your payroll.

Retain employees through our automated tools that help better manage compensation, performance, and learning. Our human capital solutions provide continuous feedback on employee activity and are connected to goals and key performance indicators, ensuring ongoing performance development, compensation management and the learning and development of advanced skills. Help conduct workforce evaluations, nurture, and develop employees and stay relevant on skills and training all while creating a more engaged and productive workforce.

Organisational Design

Organisational design solutions allow for the structuring of organisations to become more effective in achieving their vision and purpose. Align people, work and competencies with your organisation’s objectives and strategy. The organisational design process purposefully configures elements in your organisation to achieve your strategic goals and deliver the best possible business, customer, and workforce outcomes effectively and efficiently.

Take the assumptions out of organisational design. With valuable and accurate analytical data, achieve better efficiencies and competencies within your organisation. Our organisational design solutions, develop and grow your processes to achieve a better alignment with your overall business strategy. Stop dysfunctional workflows, fragmented workloads, redundant activities, and delays in decisions making.

Our organisational design solutions effortlessly handle people, data, and processes. Design an organisation that is more adept at responding to unforeseen changes and get a better understanding of its interconnecting elements. The organisational design gives you a breakdown of the requirements of each role within your organisation, the decisions that need to be made and the activities that need to be completed and the competencies required. Allow your organisation to become more adaptable when responding to market changes and continuously adjust to fit your business plan, goals, and objectives.

Biometric Solutions

Our biometric access solutions enable real-time authentication of customer, employee and visitor identities using multiple sources of biometric and demographic data. Meet the continuously changing demands of reliable identity validation through our advanced biometric solutions. Enable effortless deployment of identity-based services on any possible customer touchpoint.

Our germicidal, ultraviolet biometric solutions affect the molecular structure of bacteria and viruses making them harmless and unable to spread. Protect your workforce by disinfecting contact points and stop the spread of viruses within your workforce. Our biometric solutions allow you to reach peak hygiene and safety for your entire workforce. We provide identity-based services that take care of the current hygiene and security standards in your industry to ensure the safety of all your stakeholders.

Access Control

Access control solutions increase security on your premises by limiting access and, reporting in real-time, attendance and prohibited and unauthorised access. Access control provides a safe and secure environment for your employees, customers, and visitors. Our access control solutions are tried and tested in the harshest environments and deliver complete access control and workforce management. Enable fast response and maximum efficiency with no false acceptance or rejections.

We provide a variety of touch and touchless access control devices that are best suited to your organisation’s needs. Increase ease of access for employees, get rid of traditional keys, save money and energy and keep track of unwanted visitors. Protect your organisation against unwanted visitors and give your employees the freedom to work when they want to. Our access control solutions create a safe working environment for all stakeholders within your organisation.

Training and Development

A training programme allows you to strengthen those skills that each employee needs to improve. A development programme brings all employees to a higher level, so they all have similar skills and knowledge.

Good training and development programmes help you retain the right people and grow profits. As the battle for top talent becomes more competitive, employee training and development programs are more important than ever. Hiring top talent takes time and money, and how you engage and develop that talent from the time they are onboarded, directly impacts retention and business growth.

We have world-class Trainers that will ensure that your staff are trained and developed to a level that allows them to utilise our solutions optimally and further improve your ROI.

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